Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop

Sun Sun Sun chaps will soon be available at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop. Farrah & Jared are doing something pretty fantastic! The Fraud of Good Sleep, which I know you’ve been fiending for, will be there.

Speaking of The Fraud of Good Sleep, Catherine Theis was profiled on the Salt Publishing Blog. Provides a small sample of why her work is so great!.



This is some exciting stuff

Zia, by Megan Breiseth

Megan Breiseth’s Zia, will be coming to a screen to you, pretty dang soon.

THE FRAUD OF GOOD SLEEP by Catherine Theis

Now available


In the middle of my walk, I find myself in a dark wood. I enjoy the dark light. Though I cannot see myself, or other creatures very clearly, I don’t mind. The plants and trees perfume me with their sweets bands, restoring all unhealthy territories of my body. There is plenty of cool water. I swim and bathe every day and do not conserve the water. The earth is rich. In its frothy loam I find jewels to eat, which unsheathe themselves from pods and shells as I command. I can hunt small wild animals, but I don’t. Instead, I spear fish in the cool dark pond. My left hand hovers over the water’s surface; my right hand stabs the water. I build fires in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night, using all the wood I can find. Again, I do not conserve. The merrily crackling fire warms me. Fog begins to circle and rise, mixing with

the fire’s smoke until both things are indistinguishable from the other. At night, the crab keeps me company, the very ancient one. I source him up from the waters with a call.

At the end of the Earth,


Catherine Theis is the author of the chapbook, The Maybook (Beeswax Press), and a co-author of In Fortune (dusie kollectiv). She has published poems in various journals, including Fence, Court Green, Mrs. Maybe, Columbia Poetry Review, and Gulf Coast. Catherine lives in Chicago, where she works as an editor. She is the recipient of the 2009 Illinois Arts Council Fellowship.


imagesUPDATE: Fire Is the Statue With the Young Face will be released in September, 2009

The epic snorts!

Savitz’ writing insists that the imagination can do battle with the culture of death, despite its own deathliness, to wit:

We split the tree into pencils; A pencil drawing of a tree makes trees angry. There is a big color copy maching coming out of the heart of America. Slice a top layer of cakc from a fish aquarium I’ve got lots of dreams and I’m not kidding

Jessica Savitz is currently the Plonsker Writer In Residence at Lake Forest College. Her first book, Hunting is Painting, will be released by &Now/Lake Forest U Press next year.